Ka Jok See is a hidden little gem in Phuket Old Town. It doesn’t even have a sign outside! Even if you have the exact address – 26 Takua Pa Rd, Phuket Town, Amphoe Mueang Phuket, Chang Wat Phuket 83000 – you still might not find it. Just ask one of the locals or taxi drivers and they will point you in the right direction. Ka Jok See is more than just a restaurant – it’s an unforgettable experience. It’s a vibrant and fun place where you can go with friends to have some delicious food, unwind and really let loose. I definitely recommend going with a group of people you know already as it makes the whole night a lot more fun. I definitely noticed a lot of couples and all girl groups. It’s really difficult to not have fun here. This is a great place to celebrate a… Read More »

At the place I’m staying at in Patong Beach, there’s a guy that lays on a blue couch by the pool. He wears a tiny blue speedo. He’s there everyday. He never swims in the pool. He just lays on the couch looking at something on his iPad from 6pm-9pm. For the first few weeks I thought this guy was weird. Simply because he was a chubby guy who laid in the same spot in the same speedo everyday. There was no need for him to wear a speedo as he never swam in the pool or even got in the water. It was also a bit chilly at night so I wondered if his body was resistant to the cold. Or more importantly, if he owned pants. Speedos are not uncommon in Phuket. In fact, they are probably the norm since Thailand attracts a lot of European tourists. Men… Read More »

If you know anything about Patong Beach in Phuket, then you have probably heard about the notorious Bangla Road. It is a seemingly innocent road by day. You might walk through it from the Jungceylon Shopping Center to Patong Beach and not even realize the absolute chaotic madness that will ensue on this road once the sun sets. Ask anyone in Phuket if they have been to Bangla Road and they will probably have a story, a warning or advice. The only way I can describe it is The Vegas Strip on an acid trip. So have I been to Bangla Road? Yes. And I totally have a story. When my sister and I were staying in Patong for a month we knew we would eventually venture out to Bangla Road at night. We just had to muster up the courage and stamina first. So when the opportunity presented itself… Read More »

James Bond Island a.k.a Khao Phing Kan is located in Phang Nga Bay in Phuket, Thailand. The island is known for its’ beautiful limestone towers that jut out of the emerald green water. It is part of Ao Phang Nga National Park. That’s it. That is all you really need to know about James Bond island. It’s pretty small and we couldn’t even swim in the water. Because the beach was closed! We traveled hours by boat to get here and we couldn’t even chill on the beach. Okay cool. I guess we will just take pictures. The picture above is the reason people go to James Bond Island. To see the limestone towers and to take a picture of the limestone towers. Some tourists even come to take a picture with their hands in the shape of a gun to mimic something they think James Bond would do. Or… Read More »

I LOVE fruit. I mean really love it. I’ve been known to eat two full pineapples in a sitting. Even though the bromelian (plant protease enzyme in pineapple) burns my mouth for hours after if I eat too much of it. This might be a helpful signal from my body to stop eating pineapple. I always like a good challenge so I generally push through the prickling pain. I usually stop when I physically cannot take it anymore and also when my teeth start feeling very sensitive. It’s a weird feeling. I don’t like weird feelings so this is usually when I stop eating the pineapple. When traveling I always try to find the best, freshest and most unique fruit that the area has to offer. I like to store it in my hotel room or living quarters like a little squirrel for breakfast or anytime I get hungry. Everyday… Read More »

How to get to the Big Buddha in Hong Kong? The Big Buddha is in the Ngong Ping village on Lantau Island. Get a bus or blue taxi to Tung Chung station (it’s right by the Hong Kong International Airport). Only the blue cab will take you to Lantau Island which is where the Big Buddha resides. From Tung Chung station take the bus that goes to Ngong Ping. It sounds a little intimidating but it’s not. The bus stops have a lot of signs for where to go. If you get lost just ask someone where to go or what bus to take – generally people in Hong Kong are helpful and polite. If all else fails just take a blue cab to Ngong Ping from the airport. It will cost about $200 HKD which is roughly about $25 USD. Blue cabs are a little hard to come by… Read More »

The most important thing to focus on when starting or growing a business is getting new customers. So how do you get customers to trust you when you don’t have any previous customers or if you have zero work to show them? In this post I’m going to teach you how to build your business reputation from scratch. Offer your Services at a Reduced Rate or for Free At first, offer your services for free or at a reduced rate. Any clients that work with you at the beginning of your business will be free experience that you cannot get in business school, any business book or in any online course. These clients will teach you a great deal about client interaction, managing expectations, refining your process, pricing, what your target market should be and so much more. You can read every business book under the sun but the best way to… Read More »

We all have the same time in a day as Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Beyonce. So why do some of us mere mortals barely get anything done while others manage to take over the world? These are the tips an tricks I used when I grew my business from $0 to $100,000 in 1 year without any employees. I had to figure out how to use each hour in the day as best I could — as time went on I learned to optimize my hours more efficiently so that I made the same amount of money but worked much less and stressed much less. I believe that the most successful people have one thing in common: being highly productive. These highly productive people are able to accomplish so much more with the same time. They clearly work smarter, not harder. They are able to produce extraordinary things by delegating,… Read More »

Without a doubt, getting new customers is the most important thing you need to focus on when starting or growing a business. You can be the best website developer, the greatest house painter or even the most artistic tattoo artist but if you don’t have any customers then you don’t have a business. And that’s why today I’m sharing 6 fast, super easy and totally free ways to get new customers online. These online marketing strategies are best for businesses looking for local customers. 1. Google My Business Google My Business is the fast, free and easy way to market your business on Google. This will allow you to create a free online storefront to your business which people will see first before they ever visit your website. Google is the most visited website in the world. So you should probably consider it when starting a business and developing an online… Read More »

By now you have probably read that men are paid more than women. The White House’s Website states that “In 2014, the typical woman working full-time all year in the United States earned only 79 percent of what the typical man earned working full-time all year. Phrased differently, she earned 79 cents for every dollar that he earned.” That statistic is unfortunate but that doesn’t mean all men make more money than all women. There are many women that make more money than men. What traits do these savvy women have that you don’t have? What are these women doing right to earn more money? And how can we narrow, if not annihilate the gender pay gap? You don’t need to wait around for the government to take action. You can implement a few of the tips and strategies below in order to turn yourself into a higher paid and more appreciated entrepreneur or employee. Let’s… Read More »